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Interesting Naija Blogs You Should Visit While Online

Blogging has become a serious hobby for a host of internet users. Bloggers spend their time and resources to get relevant infos for their readers. An average Naija internet user visits multiple blogs per day, be it voluntarily or via curious topics.
The main aim of this post is to guard internet users within and outside Naija to some seriously interesting blogs and websites where the juice of all info ‘lodges’.
Let’s go!

Xpino Jobs is a career Job portal owned by Precious Ikpoza. Precious is a member of the Xpino Media Team. The portal offers free information for job, scholarship, vacancy and internship updates. It has two forums, one for job seekers and the other for employees and entrepreneurs in need of workers or clients. You can visit Xpino JOBS via

This Music, Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyle is a product of David Shawn. The blog showcases the lives and contributions of artists and actors to the entertainment industry. And also supports fast rising acts creating an online platform for them to showcase themselves, many fast rising acts has actually benefited from this platform Visit for more updates. Visit the blog: David Shawn’s blog 

This blog has love and relationship written all over it. Nakelium Blog is bent on making a better you. The blog is one of the projects of Olalekan Okutoro. You need to check out the post with the title: “FOUND LOVE?” on Its one of the very good reads on the blog.

This blog is the pet project of Betty Popoola. She is a senior member of the  Xpino Media Team. Her blog gives you updates on News, Health, Fashion and Technology. Visit Betino Updates on


Sebastian Ikpoza (DJ Desert Storm) is the creator He is the National General Secretary of the Dee Jay Association of Nigeria and a member of the Xpino Media Team. His blog is the diary of a professional dj and music producer. He showcases some events relating to entertainment and also features some breaking news and general entertainment updates. Do pay his blog some attention.
This blog by Ajayi Oladapo is an all Technology and Communication bog. Its is dedicated to providing news and updates about Airtel Nigeria Network. There are also relevant infos on other carriers on the blog though. Do you wish to spend less money on getting data? Do you need breaking news on data codes and tweaks? Then rush to follow

mario gist

Tanimowo Olufemi is the founder and sole operator of MarioGists. This lively ‘as it happens’ news/gist/gossip blog does both local and international news update. Hurry now and log on

Chantelle & Abby Asini are the creators ofwww.channbygists.comChantelle Asini is a Microbiologist whileAbby is a doctor-in-view and a smart blogger at that. Both ladies are proud members of the Xpino Media Team. Their blog dishes out entertainment news, health updates and general news. Visit their blog for more details.

This is a creation of Abdulmalik Amodu. It is an educational blog.  Schoolans is fully committed to providing solution to your academic problems, just bring them on and it’s done. They equally deliver reliable schools news, job news and tips, scholarship updates and general educational information. Visit now.

Orji Kingsley Chibuike is the C.E.O of  The blog is the home of  music, video, entertainment news and orstars platform lives. It is a full time entertainment blog. What are you waiting for? Visit now!

(Smiles. I like that name) This blog is a creation of Ebun. It is a blog for the fun, fearless female. Ebun uses it as a medium to showcase her personal style, trends on the fashion scene and personal life banter. If you need tips on how to be more fashionable, Visit WanShyGirl now.

Gift Adene proudly presents Gift Adene’s News. This is a full time news and entertainment blog. Visit for latest gossips on politics, entertainment, general news and some giveaways.

Xpino Media is a creation of Precious Ikpoza. The blog is primarily for

publicity and event updates. The blog is a treasure of the Xpino Media Team. If you desire to get a team of webmasters to design a website or blog for you, or some news updates and sponsored post, visit

This blog is a product of Yinka Anifowoshe. It contains a lot of comedy, referral programs and poems. It also has columns for fresh updates, gists, freebies and many more. Do visit now!

Xpino Scholars is a work tool for teachers and students, but especially for Secondary School Students. The blog contains com
prehensive lesson notes with exercises, past questions in specific subjects for revision and some research questions. It is also a product of Precious Ikpozaand the Xpino Media Team. Do visit Xpino Scholars


GossiPatrol is a creation of LAO. The blog is a full time Entertainment-niche blog. Go to for up to date info on Celebrity and Entertainment new. Guess what,GossiPatrol is in the business of not minding our business. Isn’t that cute? Visit now.

candle adebanji

This blog is where you get the latest gist, news, gossip, entertainment titbits and stories on family life, love life, relationship, marriage and many more. It is a creation of Adebukola Adebanji. Visit Candle Adebanji’s blog

This Tech Blog is a product of Ayo, LAO and Jenny. The blog is the home of all tech infos online. Visit  now for your tech related inquiries and info!

Do you need the latest info on Music and Entertainment? Do 
you wish to download or upload music? Then quickly visit DH’s Naijatainmentxtra

Uche Jehovah’s son Duru is the creator of Writers-Cavern blog. He is a certified psychologist, an avid writer, a seasoned blogger and a member of the Xpino Media Team.  The blog, is representation of the poetic way Uche Duru looks at the personal, private and social lives. The blog welcomes poems, stories and interesting articles from guest writers.

jeje tv
Jejetv is a general blog. It is a product of Nathan ‘Jeje’ Simeon, a no nonsense writer. Jeje is an undergraduate of Aircraft Engineering Department, Airforce Institute of Technology (AFIT) Kaduna. Jejetv provides all round information in politics, gossips, Entertainment and music update. You can also, a blog where upcoming acts are giving opportunities to display their talent. Jejetv pays their writers. Isn’t that awesome!

Jeroid Reporters
Adedunni Jeremiah Mayowa is the creator of Jeroid Reporters. Go to for current News, Fashion, Sports, Health and more updates.  For information on event happening in our environment 24/7 in a well reported manner from News to Fashion to Sports to Health, visit Jeroid Reporters now.

freddy's multiverse
Frederick Damasus is the CEO of Freddy’s Multiverse blog. It is a blog for trending tech and science updates. Visit the blog at Freddy’s Multiverse is about the love and interest of the Author. He loves science and technology. He also loves doing volunteer aid work. The blog was created to show some of this. Visit www.frederickdamasus.comnow.

NewsAlpha Nigeria is a news blog created by two brothers,
Tomvic and Felix Bolaji. This site brings to you happenings in Nigeria and across the world. From political updates to entertainment news, sports and tech gist.

Abimbola Olaboye’s Blog

Abimbola Olaboye is the sole owner of Abimbola Olaboye’s Blog. This sumptuous blog bestows unparalled poems, amazing articles and songs. It has a unique campus appeal. Do visit Abimbola Olaboye’s Blog at

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