Tuesday, 12 May 2015

New Music: Justin Muzik

Yeah that’s his name. Before I knew this guy as an artiste, we had met when he came around looking for a job; the next time we met, he was walking into my office with a CD. I didn’t quite take him seriously as I thought it was just another guy seeking a meal ticket in this sacred art of ours, aren’t there too many of them already? Long story short, I couldn’t believe my ears when I pressed ‘Play’ on his song ‘Bottom Belle’ – what a voice! What a song!! I must admit I’m not big on gospel but his songs got me all religious driving to work every other morning. He has another song ‘Pour Like Rain’, quite spiritual! This one would give Preye a good run for his money, trust me!

[DOWNLOAD HERE] bottom belle

[DOWNLOAD HERE] Pour like Rain

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