Sunday, 21 October 2018

MUSIC : Don't Tell Me No - Genesis

YNO superstar Genesis drops a catchy & soft Single ” Don't Tell Me No ” After his first wave ''Wantika'' Produced by Stepi. The song has such rhythm and vocals that the world can’t deny a nod.
This song is a song you won't like to miss out of your playlist. Enjoy and follow Genesis on Twitter and Instagram

Saturday, 1 September 2018


Mining  Bitcoin Mining
What Is CryptoTab?

The principle is to ‘earn bitcoins while using Google Chrome web browser'. That is the hook CryptoTab uses to try to and position themselves to you – great concept right?
The idea is that you download a plug-in extention for Chrome and then you will be able to mine Bitcoin while you use your browser and surb the web, which will make you earn Bitcoin for doing so with the app activated. You can also invite friends and earn more Bitcoin. The company states that you will be able to earn more than 1 BTC in a single month (which is actually pretty hard to believe) but does not say how many people it requires for that earning potential. As long as Chrome is open and you have the plug-in you will be able to mine cryptocurrency .

Click here to try CryptoTab, a bitcoin-earning idle internet web browser power leverage play if you will that says it will start earning bitcoin passively for you by downloading & installing for free. Whether that sounds like a fantasy slogan from fairyland or actually is a simple plug and play logically-leveraged concept that uses your web browser/computer for mining which the profits are spread for those who use and share. Let's review below.
How Does CryptoTab Work?
The idea is that CryptoTab is a huge mining pool which uses the collective power of many computers to earn Bitcoin . This is known as a mining pool.
You will be able to log in your account by using your Facebook or Google account. This is a good idea because your Bitcoin balance will be always safe. If you accidentally delete your app, you will lose all the Bitcoin that you already have mined if you do not create an account.

Get cryptotab and start mining your bitcoin as easy as it can be  

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Makarfi 2019: A Visionary, Detribalized And Soft Spoken But Charismatic Nigerian

If there is any one word that has become a serious threat to patriotism for Nigerians, it is tribalism.
In Nigeria, ethnicity or tribalism is a social phenomenon associated with the identity of members of a competing communal group(s) seeking to protect and advance their interest in a political system. The relevant communal factor may be language, culture, race, religion and/or common history. Sadly tribalism has played manifesting roles in Nigerian politics since the pre-colonial era and is arguably one of the important causes of conflict and an overall obstacle to economic development of the country. Sadly, the foundation of Nigeria’s party politics was tribally-oriented as portrayed in the First until Fourth Republics.

The tragedy with the Nigerian situation is that it is the highly educated people, those who really should know better, that propagate tribalism; A lot of them write that they don't even believe in Nigeria. They refer to their own tribes in lofty and bombastic terms, calling them 'races' or 'ethnic nationalities' 

The damaging effects of tribalism, I’m sure, are well known. It promotes mediocrity and suppresses merit, encourages corruption by giving much needed cover and immunity for perpetrators, stands in the way of national cohesion and consensus, creates a distraction away from serious national issues and often contributes to communal violence.
It is clearly evident that this country can only progress with a visionary leader that has been tried and trusted given the peculiar nature of Nigeria. The leadership style of Sen. Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, is built and derived from his charisma, positive influence, selfless service and laudable track-record of achievements. The former Kaduna State Governor and Immediate past Chairman of the PDP, Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfia has been described as a visionary, detribalized and soft spoken but charismatic Nigerian.

Makarfi, has benevolently attracted to himself a call to serve because he has enshrined himself, through his good deeds, in the hearts and minds of the good people of Kaduna state and Nigeria as a whole.

He was governor from 1999 to 2007 (Kaduna State which can be described as a small Nigeria with Christians predominately in the south and Muslims in the Northern part of the state) Makarfi with an unassuming nature and magnetic strength of character, remarkably piloted the affairs of the state by placing it back on the path of accelerated socio-economic development, and gave all a sense of belonging during his tenure. A typical but celebrated example of his magnanimity as a governor was the creation of additional chiefdoms, which liberated some ethnic groups in the state from years of subjugation and colonization despite strong opposition. Even as a lawmaker, the welfare need of his people has always been uppermost in his humane heart.

During his tenure as PDP caretaker Chairman, Makarfi carried himself as an epitome of legendary humility and calmness, a consensus molder and bridge builder, a dedicated patriot and nationalist, an astute pro-people politician and unrepentant democrat, a cheerful giver of both self and resources, and an indefatigable elder statesman of repute.

Also, in the politics of Kaduna state, his unrivaled political dexterity and acumen is second to none and the envy of his critics, while at the national level, he possesses an uncommon capacity to build and mold consensus across ethno-religious and political divide. This has earned him widespread respect not just in his home state but also nationally.

The characteristics that make-up the sterling personality and character of Ahmed Makarfi, a detribalized true Nigerian with the well-being of his fellow countrymen enshrined in his heart. There is no more powerful motivation for others than a leader who sets an example and loves his country seamlessly. He is a noble man that the 2019 presidential cap will accurately fit, in order to give a sense of hope to the new generation and inspiration to posterity.

By Oluwaseyi O
Makafri Media Support Group

Monday, 9 July 2018

NRM Set To Launch #NotTooPoorToRun Campaign Ahead Of 2019 General Elections

In the face of various political activities ahead of the 2019 general elections, permutations have kick started as politicians and political parties strategze to either gain power or retain it.

While the money bags are busy spreading money here and there, the young emerging leaders are left with nothing but their dreams and sincere aspirations. The biggest challenge facing them is lack of funding for electoral consultations and campaigns. Reason why great minds with incredible leadership skills always shy away from politics because they think they do not have the finances needed to face the fraudulent money bags in the system. 

Most of the time these young leaders don't even have money to buy nomination forms which are always too exorbitant for the average Nigerian. This in itself is a deliberate plan by the old gladiators to keep recycling the themselves in the corridors of power. 

With the passage of the #NotTooYoungToRun Bill into law, the young and patriotic people of Nigeria are optimistic that the right time has come for them to take center stage in providing the leadership that Nigerians have earnestly waited for. With the challenges of financing ahead of them however, it became necessary that a step be taken that will activate the capacities of young people irrespective of their financial backgrounds. This is why the #NotTooPoorToRun campaign was initiated as an activation response to the #NotTooYoungToRun law.

The #NotTooPoorToRun campaign, an initiative of The National Rescue Movement (NRM) which will be officially launched in a couple of weeks, seeks to provide an enabling platform within the party for young aspiring leaders by granting nomination forms/tickets in all electoral categories free of charge to all aspirants in the 2019 elections. 

Addressing newsmen recently, the National Chairman of the party, Senator Saidu Dansadau said; 

"This initiative became necessary because if governance continue to remain in the hands of crooked money bags, then the hope of achieving a better Nigeria will remain an illusion forever. This is because humble, true and sincere Nigerians will never have the chance to serve their Nation politically"

Friday, 6 July 2018


Effective leaders are those who have the passion for progressive leadership. Those who are willing to do their best to put the governed on the trajectory of progressivism and by doing so, make potent impact on the governed. 

Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi is a man who is passionate about the welfare of the public and pushes for turning things around for them. He was the governor of Kaduna State from 29 May, 1999 to 29 May 2007. He was also the Senator representing Kaduna North at the Red Chambers.

Through his leadership prowess and dynamism, he made tremendous impact on the people of Kaduna State both as a governor and Senator. He is a very simple and amiable leader to thosehe govern. He has political and investment acumen that contributedto making Kaduna State what it is today.

On the platform of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), he is willing to contest for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria so that he will reposition Nigeria to curb the adverse effect so many factors have on Nigeria. 

Sen. Makarfi abhors self-aggrandizement and kicks against political dynasty that in most cases, contributed negatively to the political and economic realms of Nigeria. 

He believes that the amorphous and leaderless qualities from some political leaders retarded Nigeria's political, economic, technological and scientific progress. 

As a leader who is assiduous and has 
refreshing candour, if he becomes the President, he will transform Nigeria to a nation which will be truly bond free, peaceful and united.

By Seyi Oyeniyi
Ahmed Makarfi Media Support Team

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Akwa Ibom Businessman Fingered In The Release Of Wanted Criminal

A retraction by on False Publication against the person of Mr Unyime Idem.

I wish to hereby retract the publication I caused to be published in against the person of Mr. Unyime Idem, CEO of Idems Ultimate Limited, to the effect that he was fingered in the release of Mr Aniedi Udosen Okon (Spirro), an alleged criminal from Military custody in Ukanafun.

Having investigated further into the story, I have realized that the said story is completely false as I was made to believe. My findings shows that Mr Unyime Idem is an illustrious son of Ukanafun who has not only used his God-given wealth to empower the youths and develop Ukanafun but has also assisted His Excellency Deacon Udom Emmanuel in ensuring peace and security of lives and property.

My findings further shows that the said Story meant have been sponsored by his Political Opponent. It is therefore unthinkable that Mr Idem would engage in such act as alleged by the said publication.

He is a man of integrity, great accomplishment, lover of Ukanafun people and above all a selfless and humble leader. I wish to apologise to Mr Unyime Idem for the damage this publication may have caused him. I urge the public to disregard that publication.

Aniebiet Antia
The Publisher

The Chairman of APCOMA Ukanafun Branch, Mr Edidiong Friday Iwuo, has warned Ndianabasi Nana Udom to desist from blackmailing politicians using APCOMA’s name. Mr. Edidiong made this known today in Ukanafun while fielding questions from newsmen. According to him, ‘APCOMA has never withdrawn their support from Mr Unyime Idem as published by an online tabloid. What happened was that, one Nana Udom came to seek our support for his aspiration.

We told him that we have already endorsed Mr. Unyime Idem for same position and therefore cannot endorse another. He offered us N100,000 and a promise of a Motor Bike which we repeatedly rejected. We are so surprise on the news making the rounds that APCOMA has rejected Mr. Unyime Idem because he facilitated the release of one Mr. Aniedi Udosen Okon (Spirro), an alleged criminal from Military custody.

This is not only false but totally unfounded and baseless’. Mr Edidiong further said that APCOMA rejected the overtures of Nana Udom because he is not known to them since he rarely visit home. The APCOMA Chairman also said that part of the reasons why Nana was rejected by them is the fact that he is an APC supporter who is being sponsored by Senator Ita Enang to win the House of Representatives Election using PDP platform and to later decamp to the APC.

This decision to decamp to APC after using PDP to get the ticket was hatched at Roses Regency Hotel, Abuja. Besides, it is common knowledge that Nana’s Elder brother is married to Senator Ita Enang’s daughter while Nana himself is married to the daughter of an APC Chieftain, the late Barr. Austin Mbeh.

The APCOMA Boss further said there is no way their support will be given to an APC man and that they do not want what has already happened in the Federal Constituency to repeat itself. Edidiong asked Nana and all those behind this blackmail to cease forthwith, apologise to Mr Unyime Idem for linking him with the release of Udosen Uko.

WATCH APCOME VIDEO HERE. Click < a href="">

Mr Edidiong described Mr Unyime Idem as an illustrious son of Ukanafun who has not only used his God-given wealth to empower the youths and develop Ukanafun but has also assisted His Excellency Deacon Udom Emmanuel in ensuring peace and security of lives and property. It is therefore unthinkable that Mr. Idem would engage in such act as alleged by the said publication.

Edidiong reinstated the commitment of APCOMA to support Mr Unyime Idem to the end, having known his antecedents as a man of integrity, great accomplishment, lover of Ukanafun people and above all a selfless and humble leader. He enjoined all well-meaning Ukanafun sons and daughters to queue behind Mr Idem and ensure he succeeds.

Politicians should learn to play politics according to the rules instead of resorting to falsehood, blackmail and character assassination. Representing one’s constituency is not a do or die affair but a call to service and for mature minds.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

And Again ,Kim Kardashian goes completely naked.. (18+ Photos)

Kim Kardashian goes completely naked.. (18+ Photos)
Kim Kardashian has gone completely naked in new photos to promote her new fragrance line.
The mother-of-three has gone naked a number of times in the past but she mostly tried to keep her genitals hidden. This time, she let it all out in a bid to promote the KKW Fragrance.
She also shared a photo of herself in silicone gel and revealed it was to mold her body and make it into a perfume bottle.

Kim Kardashian goes completely naked.. (18+ Photos)

She wrote: "We took a mold of my body and made it a perfume bottle. @kkwfragrance"
See the explicit photos below.

Kim Kardashian goes completely naked.. (18+ Photos)Kim Kardashian goes completely naked.. (18+ Photos)

Kim Kardashian goes completely naked.. (18+ Photos)

Actress Moyo Lawal flaunts her Gigantic Backside on Instagram, says it's '100% natural' (Video)

Actress Moyo Lawal flaunts her massive butt on Instagram, says it

Gorgeous actress, Moyo Lawal, took to her Instagram account to show us her massive ASSet if you know what i mean (winks) in new video. She wrote: 'I hear this booty is a banger ???... P.s 100% natural.' 
Actress Moyo Lawal flaunts her massive butt on Instagram, says it


"I am not a killer. I did not drive while intoxicated" Actress Ibinabo Fiberesima says it was an accident

Related image
Actress Ibinabo Fiberesima took to her Instagram page to share her side of the story and also plead for forgiveness in the accident which she was involved in that claimed the life of a medical doctor 12 years ago. 

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Karrueche Tran poses nude for Modeliste magazine

Chris Brown's ex, model Karrueche Tran, covered the April issue of Modeliste magazine where she  posed in different outfits and also posed nude

Friday, 30 March 2018

New Music: Eljodi-Magic ( samflow)

Eljodi has been impressing as of late with a steady stream of singles, showcasing just how far he can take his singular sound. “Magic”will continue his winning streak, with a mid-tempo approach that makes the best of his colorful synths and vibrant percussion. All of the elements that make his music so enjoyable are still here, but it somehow feels just as refreshing as his previous output.

Eljodi hasn’t been afraid of taking detours and experimenting with his sound. This record Magic is here to challenge listeners more than his pop-friendly regulars, but the pleasant psych-pop sounds —albeit at a slower, more methodical pace.

Judging by this, Eljodi still has tremendous unfulfilled potential, so don’t be surprised if he’s the next so-called underground rapper to have a hit shoot up the Billboard charts this year


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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Yemi Alade & Youssoupha - "Hustler"

Mama Africa as she is fondly called, teams up with Youssoupha and the much sort after 'Killbeatz' on production for new HIT single 'Hustler' 

The undeniable presence of both acts brings a fire to the collaboration that only they could achieve. With Yemi Alade's vibrant and crystal vocals coming to play with the flow of Youssoupha.


Track: Hustler
Artist: Yemi Alade x Youssoupha
ISRC: ZA56E1701777
Handles to tag: @africori @afriquency @yemialadee @youssouphamusik #CokeStudioAfrica


Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Businesses and industries all around the world today have come to open their arms to truly accept the Blockchain technology as a ground breaking evolution, that has come to stay and will have a huge impact on businesses that are still stuck with traditional ways of providing

Nigeria has one of the largest economies in sub-Saharan Africa and has been on the global map as a crypto-compliant nation but has never
engineered any blockchain innovation. Today Nigeria is joining the rest of the world to launch its own blockchain Technology.

AbjCoin is the First Nigerian Blockchain solution for global payments, it promises to bridge the gap between Africa and the rest of the world,
blockchain Technology wise.

The AbjCoin uses a special algorithm, the POW/POS to secure the blockchain network. The moment you acquire AbjCoin core PC software, it becomes an interest bearing asset with 15% return per year through the POS mining. All you have to do to earn with this method is to hold coin in your AbjCoin core wallet.

The Abjcoin is currently running its initial coin offering ICO of 9 million AbjCoin (9,000,000 ABJ) that will run through till the 30th of
September 2017 at 50 cents ($0.50).

After a successful ICO, The AbjCoin promises great innovative and revolutionary change to Africa’s digital assets space, which includes
developing a successful Auto trader Bot and exchange to fiat currencies in Africa, listing AbjCoin in 3 major international exchanges, coin market cap and integrate merchants for both online and offline stores to accept AbjCoin.

One of the major developments AbjCoin ICO sales will help birth is the establishment of a Blockchain institute in Africa. We believe that this
institute will bring the best heads in the blockchain industry to help students take advantage of the industry to foster a pan African economic
and infrastructural development. The official launch and press conference for Abjcoin has been slated with the details below:

Date; 15th September 7, 2017
Venue: Grand cubana, 6 Ebitu Ukiwe Street, off Mike Akhibe Street, Jabi,
Abuja Nigeria
Time: 11am prompt
Register for free at
We strongly believe that the Abjcoin holds a lot of promise and will
foster trade, ecommerce, banking and educational development.
For more info about visit
Block Explorer : 
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The most anticipated season in the entertainment industry; Hennessy Artistry, is officially back this July!

Celebrating the world’s premium cognac brand with amazing music experiences, the biggest music artistes and the most promising talents, this season brings with it the most exciting innovations and events’ line up.

Since 2009, the Hennessy Artistry platform has become an integral part of Nigeria’s social fabric – creating iconic moments and collaborations within the Entertainment Industry across various music genres

In the spirit of Hennessy’s tagline - The Art of Blending, this year’s Artistry will be a fusion of the best of Nigeria’s musical talent from the mouth –watering selection of the nation’s hottest rappers to the upcoming acts that will battle for this year’s VS Class crown. Our Headliners include a line-up of musical royalty who will thrill audiences across the country during our Club tours and Artistry concerts.

Strap yourself in for a breath-taking ride as Hennessy brings the best of Nigerian Artistry to your cities and screens.
“Hennessy Artistry has always been the benchmark entertainment platform in Nigeria. This year, we intend to exceed all expectations: delivering unforgettable consumer experiences. For the first time in Artistry history we'll be holding Live auditions for VS Class S IV to accommodate more of the teeming rap talent we have in the country" – Oluwole Awoleke, Brand Manager Hennessy & Spirits

You can join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #HennessyArtistry2017, #HennessyCypher & #HennessyVSClass

Hennessy Artistry is proudly supported by Trace TV, The Beat 99.9 FM

Facebook: @hennessynigeria
Twitter: @hennessynigeria
Instagram : @hennessy_ng

Thursday, 7 September 2017

New Music :Lucky O – “Born In A Manger” (Prod. by D-Smith)

Lucky O , a Port Harcourt based gospel artist, song writer and composer drops his latest single titled Born In A Manger . This song is about the birth of Jesus Christ and the power in his name.
Download, Enjoy & Share!