Thursday, 10 May 2018

Akwa Ibom Businessman Fingered In The Release Of Wanted Criminal

A retraction by on False Publication against the person of Mr Unyime Idem.

I wish to hereby retract the publication I caused to be published in against the person of Mr. Unyime Idem, CEO of Idems Ultimate Limited, to the effect that he was fingered in the release of Mr Aniedi Udosen Okon (Spirro), an alleged criminal from Military custody in Ukanafun.

Having investigated further into the story, I have realized that the said story is completely false as I was made to believe. My findings shows that Mr Unyime Idem is an illustrious son of Ukanafun who has not only used his God-given wealth to empower the youths and develop Ukanafun but has also assisted His Excellency Deacon Udom Emmanuel in ensuring peace and security of lives and property.

My findings further shows that the said Story meant have been sponsored by his Political Opponent. It is therefore unthinkable that Mr Idem would engage in such act as alleged by the said publication.

He is a man of integrity, great accomplishment, lover of Ukanafun people and above all a selfless and humble leader. I wish to apologise to Mr Unyime Idem for the damage this publication may have caused him. I urge the public to disregard that publication.

Aniebiet Antia
The Publisher

The Chairman of APCOMA Ukanafun Branch, Mr Edidiong Friday Iwuo, has warned Ndianabasi Nana Udom to desist from blackmailing politicians using APCOMA’s name. Mr. Edidiong made this known today in Ukanafun while fielding questions from newsmen. According to him, ‘APCOMA has never withdrawn their support from Mr Unyime Idem as published by an online tabloid. What happened was that, one Nana Udom came to seek our support for his aspiration.

We told him that we have already endorsed Mr. Unyime Idem for same position and therefore cannot endorse another. He offered us N100,000 and a promise of a Motor Bike which we repeatedly rejected. We are so surprise on the news making the rounds that APCOMA has rejected Mr. Unyime Idem because he facilitated the release of one Mr. Aniedi Udosen Okon (Spirro), an alleged criminal from Military custody.

This is not only false but totally unfounded and baseless’. Mr Edidiong further said that APCOMA rejected the overtures of Nana Udom because he is not known to them since he rarely visit home. The APCOMA Chairman also said that part of the reasons why Nana was rejected by them is the fact that he is an APC supporter who is being sponsored by Senator Ita Enang to win the House of Representatives Election using PDP platform and to later decamp to the APC.

This decision to decamp to APC after using PDP to get the ticket was hatched at Roses Regency Hotel, Abuja. Besides, it is common knowledge that Nana’s Elder brother is married to Senator Ita Enang’s daughter while Nana himself is married to the daughter of an APC Chieftain, the late Barr. Austin Mbeh.

The APCOMA Boss further said there is no way their support will be given to an APC man and that they do not want what has already happened in the Federal Constituency to repeat itself. Edidiong asked Nana and all those behind this blackmail to cease forthwith, apologise to Mr Unyime Idem for linking him with the release of Udosen Uko.

WATCH APCOME VIDEO HERE. Click < a href="">

Mr Edidiong described Mr Unyime Idem as an illustrious son of Ukanafun who has not only used his God-given wealth to empower the youths and develop Ukanafun but has also assisted His Excellency Deacon Udom Emmanuel in ensuring peace and security of lives and property. It is therefore unthinkable that Mr. Idem would engage in such act as alleged by the said publication.

Edidiong reinstated the commitment of APCOMA to support Mr Unyime Idem to the end, having known his antecedents as a man of integrity, great accomplishment, lover of Ukanafun people and above all a selfless and humble leader. He enjoined all well-meaning Ukanafun sons and daughters to queue behind Mr Idem and ensure he succeeds.

Politicians should learn to play politics according to the rules instead of resorting to falsehood, blackmail and character assassination. Representing one’s constituency is not a do or die affair but a call to service and for mature minds.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

And Again ,Kim Kardashian goes completely naked.. (18+ Photos)

Kim Kardashian goes completely naked.. (18+ Photos)
Kim Kardashian has gone completely naked in new photos to promote her new fragrance line.
The mother-of-three has gone naked a number of times in the past but she mostly tried to keep her genitals hidden. This time, she let it all out in a bid to promote the KKW Fragrance.
She also shared a photo of herself in silicone gel and revealed it was to mold her body and make it into a perfume bottle.

Kim Kardashian goes completely naked.. (18+ Photos)

She wrote: "We took a mold of my body and made it a perfume bottle. @kkwfragrance"
See the explicit photos below.

Kim Kardashian goes completely naked.. (18+ Photos)Kim Kardashian goes completely naked.. (18+ Photos)

Kim Kardashian goes completely naked.. (18+ Photos)

Actress Moyo Lawal flaunts her Gigantic Backside on Instagram, says it's '100% natural' (Video)

Actress Moyo Lawal flaunts her massive butt on Instagram, says it

Gorgeous actress, Moyo Lawal, took to her Instagram account to show us her massive ASSet if you know what i mean (winks) in new video. She wrote: 'I hear this booty is a banger ???... P.s 100% natural.' 
Actress Moyo Lawal flaunts her massive butt on Instagram, says it


"I am not a killer. I did not drive while intoxicated" Actress Ibinabo Fiberesima says it was an accident

Related image
Actress Ibinabo Fiberesima took to her Instagram page to share her side of the story and also plead for forgiveness in the accident which she was involved in that claimed the life of a medical doctor 12 years ago. 

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Karrueche Tran poses nude for Modeliste magazine

Chris Brown's ex, model Karrueche Tran, covered the April issue of Modeliste magazine where she  posed in different outfits and also posed nude

Friday, 30 March 2018

New Music: Eljodi-Magic ( samflow)

Eljodi has been impressing as of late with a steady stream of singles, showcasing just how far he can take his singular sound. “Magic”will continue his winning streak, with a mid-tempo approach that makes the best of his colorful synths and vibrant percussion. All of the elements that make his music so enjoyable are still here, but it somehow feels just as refreshing as his previous output.

Eljodi hasn’t been afraid of taking detours and experimenting with his sound. This record Magic is here to challenge listeners more than his pop-friendly regulars, but the pleasant psych-pop sounds —albeit at a slower, more methodical pace.

Judging by this, Eljodi still has tremendous unfulfilled potential, so don’t be surprised if he’s the next so-called underground rapper to have a hit shoot up the Billboard charts this year


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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Yemi Alade & Youssoupha - "Hustler"

Mama Africa as she is fondly called, teams up with Youssoupha and the much sort after 'Killbeatz' on production for new HIT single 'Hustler' 

The undeniable presence of both acts brings a fire to the collaboration that only they could achieve. With Yemi Alade's vibrant and crystal vocals coming to play with the flow of Youssoupha.


Track: Hustler
Artist: Yemi Alade x Youssoupha
ISRC: ZA56E1701777
Handles to tag: @africori @afriquency @yemialadee @youssouphamusik #CokeStudioAfrica


Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Businesses and industries all around the world today have come to open their arms to truly accept the Blockchain technology as a ground breaking evolution, that has come to stay and will have a huge impact on businesses that are still stuck with traditional ways of providing

Nigeria has one of the largest economies in sub-Saharan Africa and has been on the global map as a crypto-compliant nation but has never
engineered any blockchain innovation. Today Nigeria is joining the rest of the world to launch its own blockchain Technology.

AbjCoin is the First Nigerian Blockchain solution for global payments, it promises to bridge the gap between Africa and the rest of the world,
blockchain Technology wise.

The AbjCoin uses a special algorithm, the POW/POS to secure the blockchain network. The moment you acquire AbjCoin core PC software, it becomes an interest bearing asset with 15% return per year through the POS mining. All you have to do to earn with this method is to hold coin in your AbjCoin core wallet.

The Abjcoin is currently running its initial coin offering ICO of 9 million AbjCoin (9,000,000 ABJ) that will run through till the 30th of
September 2017 at 50 cents ($0.50).

After a successful ICO, The AbjCoin promises great innovative and revolutionary change to Africa’s digital assets space, which includes
developing a successful Auto trader Bot and exchange to fiat currencies in Africa, listing AbjCoin in 3 major international exchanges, coin market cap and integrate merchants for both online and offline stores to accept AbjCoin.

One of the major developments AbjCoin ICO sales will help birth is the establishment of a Blockchain institute in Africa. We believe that this
institute will bring the best heads in the blockchain industry to help students take advantage of the industry to foster a pan African economic
and infrastructural development. The official launch and press conference for Abjcoin has been slated with the details below:

Date; 15th September 7, 2017
Venue: Grand cubana, 6 Ebitu Ukiwe Street, off Mike Akhibe Street, Jabi,
Abuja Nigeria
Time: 11am prompt
Register for free at
We strongly believe that the Abjcoin holds a lot of promise and will
foster trade, ecommerce, banking and educational development.
For more info about visit
Block Explorer : 
Follow on Twitter:
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The most anticipated season in the entertainment industry; Hennessy Artistry, is officially back this July!

Celebrating the world’s premium cognac brand with amazing music experiences, the biggest music artistes and the most promising talents, this season brings with it the most exciting innovations and events’ line up.

Since 2009, the Hennessy Artistry platform has become an integral part of Nigeria’s social fabric – creating iconic moments and collaborations within the Entertainment Industry across various music genres

In the spirit of Hennessy’s tagline - The Art of Blending, this year’s Artistry will be a fusion of the best of Nigeria’s musical talent from the mouth –watering selection of the nation’s hottest rappers to the upcoming acts that will battle for this year’s VS Class crown. Our Headliners include a line-up of musical royalty who will thrill audiences across the country during our Club tours and Artistry concerts.

Strap yourself in for a breath-taking ride as Hennessy brings the best of Nigerian Artistry to your cities and screens.
“Hennessy Artistry has always been the benchmark entertainment platform in Nigeria. This year, we intend to exceed all expectations: delivering unforgettable consumer experiences. For the first time in Artistry history we'll be holding Live auditions for VS Class S IV to accommodate more of the teeming rap talent we have in the country" – Oluwole Awoleke, Brand Manager Hennessy & Spirits

You can join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #HennessyArtistry2017, #HennessyCypher & #HennessyVSClass

Hennessy Artistry is proudly supported by Trace TV, The Beat 99.9 FM

Facebook: @hennessynigeria
Twitter: @hennessynigeria
Instagram : @hennessy_ng

Thursday, 7 September 2017

New Music :Lucky O – “Born In A Manger” (Prod. by D-Smith)

Lucky O , a Port Harcourt based gospel artist, song writer and composer drops his latest single titled Born In A Manger . This song is about the birth of Jesus Christ and the power in his name.
Download, Enjoy & Share!


Saturday, 2 September 2017


2:Like and comment on your favorite contestants picture using the hashtag #missnigeriaglobalbeauty
3: Follow on IG @missnigeriaglobalbeauty. Comment on your favorite contestants pictures using the hashtag #missnigeriaglobalbeauty

Follow the link and VOTE for FRANCIS DEBORAH 021 no one deserves it more. 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

New Music :Durus Petz - Omoge (prod. By Infinity) || @itzduruspetz

The model and artist DURUS PETZ, never fails when it comes to dropping catchy songs, from his inception with songs like OPEN LETTER, UNSURE, he shows he's a force to reckon with.. 
OMOGE Is one song that has to be on your playlist. 

Download and enjoy.. 

Friday, 25 August 2017

Music: Mr. Blessing - Can't hold me Down

Mr. Blessing is wonderful, dynamic and creative gospel artist whose single  "Can't hold me down " is making wave.

You can follow him up on Twitter @blesslenu1 & Instagram @blesslenu1. For booking call 07068602502

Sunday, 14 May 2017

New Music: Moddel - 2 Seater || @moddel_iam

After dropping the Mad Over You (Cover) which was a success, Nigerian Rapper/Singer Moddel, emerges with a new mid tempo and groovy tune "2 Seater". Always packed with the street slangs and catchy words but  quite emotional with story.. And he promises to keep up with the May14th New Music Sequel .

Download , Listen and share...................................Thank me later

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Download Full Video: Miss Anambra 2015 Chidinma Okeke Sëxtape Leaks Online [18 +]

Image result wey dey for miss anambra sex tape download

This didn't come as a shocker to me, but it's not the first time it has occured, i mean we all knew what made Kim kardashian famous

According to the leakers.
“First let me point out something, I have no problem with Chidinma, she is base in Anambra and am base in abj so no connection, but first I am doing my job by blogging such material, she should just apologise to the public for the lies and she should expose the blackmailer who she has been paying money too, which all her friends has been talking about, she didn’t hand over her crown , she was detrowned before all this mess start coming up meaning that the organizers knew about all this so is better she expose who has been taking money from her cause I wonder why the other 2 girls in the video are not part of the discussion trending. Anyway since she is dragging the name of God into this I went back to my mails and search and the part 2 pix pop out so I have decided to let u all who say is Photoshop know that it was never a Photoshop so view pix below”


Friday, 12 May 2017

"YungBady" Break Out Of Nigerian Music With "African Woman" Download Here @iam_yungbady @jejetvnews

After the successful release of " Oluwa show me the way" featuring Eazi Moni, Ezebue uchenna Richard popularly known as " YungBady" has decided to explain the true definition of beauty in Africa via this new song titled " African Woman" . I bet you this will bring memories of African culture as the afro-pop Singer based in Lagos State expressed his love for Africa. 

This is a song for every African lady out there and a song for every man who respects African women. This amazing song is produced by Endeetones, Mixed and Mastered by Tpiano. 
Download below and enjoy! 

Listen on MTN MusicPlus: 

Follow YungBady on IG: @official_yungbady
For Nationwide Promotions and Trends contact 'Jeje Droid' on +234-8133013307 or Like our page via 
our website:
IG: @JejetvDotCom

Friday, 5 May 2017


In spite of the financial loss suffered by a number of Nigerians who participated in the failed Ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM) in 2016, LegionPays, a similar scheme is making wave among many Nigerians.

Legion Pays, launched on Wednesday, 26/04/2017 has started making the wave as Nigerians troop in to participate in the successful launching of the website. Legion Pays is a peer to peer donation platform that promises a return of 200% on every donation made. They offer packages that are affordable to all their members.

A statement on their website reads "LP was instituted by a team of vibrant individuals with the sole aim to alleviate financial difficulties by creating a channel in which wealth flows between two or more parties with mutual benefits. The platform serves as a community in which people sponsor each other financially. One member asks for sponsorship - another member provides the sponsorship. The system is very simple."

After the launching on Wednesday, different testimonies have been coming in. Mr Obiora Charles, a participant of the platform commented that "I so love this platform, I paid out today and received today... Soo real !! Thanks to legion pays".

Similarly, Adebayo Vincent, an entrepeneur also said he decided to partake in LegionPays and a number of other schemes to support his business. "The money I have gotten from these schemes has been beneficial to the survival of my business in this economy".

Currently, LegionPays uses a automated pairing system which has helped those who donated yesterday to receive back their 200% investment within 24hrs, which is double profit. They also offer huge referral bonues for those who love referring their family, colleagues and team. While other Ponzi sites fade, LegionPays seems to be the next one to take their stand as they worked on the flaws of other similar schemes to bring out the trust in People. It might be worth it to take a dip inside the ocean while it is still hot. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Spoken Word: MEGA - STAND UP | @oghene_mega

He hails from Delta State Nigeria, and from an early age he has been on a journey of seeking 
the truth  and speaking it through songs and poetry. 

Mega uses the medium of Spoken Word (onstage story telling) to speak the truth about current events happening 
in life as it relates to individuals. It captivates the audience as it provokes deep thoughts from individuals of all ages and socio-cultural background.
His recent work 'stand up' is a beautiful piece he performed onstage that still receives accolade nationally and internationally. 

His passion lies in helping people realize their true potentials and talents  and  
he encourages them to use this to stand unwavering for the Truth.