Sunday, 20 March 2016

How Nollywood Actress Tonto Dike Met Her Husband And The Controversy So Far


Exclusive source in Mr Churchill camp has broken the silence about the saga of the ex-wife Bimbo Coker and the undying love between Tonto dikeh and her Husband.

According to information made available, Mr Churchill who recently got married to controversial Nollywood star Tonto- Dikeh was once entangled in marriage Web with ‎Bimbo Coker which lasted for about 5 months. It was disclosed that the brief union was bedeviled with challenges of infidelity and street girl attitude from the estranged wife as she was alleged to be nothing close to a wife material.

The business mogul from Abeokuta and son of one of Nig‎eria’s most influencial personality considered her disposition on unbearable, which prompted him to call a family meeting and also returned back to the church were the wedding was done to dissolve the marriage about 2 years and 7 months ago and both parties went their seperate ways with new relationships.
The attack on social media from the frustrated Bimbo started when Tonto Dikeh posted parts of Mr X body and eventually his ‎full pictures. This singular act angered the ex-wife and she resorted to calling the Nollywood actress names like husband snatcher, evil lady and others while Churchill was refered as ritualist, cocaine dealer, fraudstar etc on Tonto’s instagram page just to drag their names to the mud.

Alexreports disclosed from inside source that Churchill first m‎et Tonto in a Church in Lagos after which they became friends but not intimate. In the course of their friendship they discovered themselves after over a year of doing business together as close friends.

Churchill who ‎is the CEO of Big Church Group Limited and Big Church Entertainment hinted that Tonto Dikeh his wife is not what people think she is, though she has a mind of her own. He further stressed that one fact that can not be taken away from her is that she is God fearing and prayerful. The Nigerian Big boy who has networks of business empire in Ghana and other countries reveals that he does not have tattoo contrary to media impression about him.

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