Thursday, 9 June 2016

SPAR Celebrates Children Day

May 27th 2016 is one of those special days that will be etched in the memory of the children of Radiant Achievers Schools and a lot of other kids from various private and public schools for a long time to come. 

On this particular children’s day celebration, SPAR’s holding Company, owners of the Hypermarket, SPAR Nigeria hosted the children at their Lekki and Ilupeju branches and made sure everyone of them was treated to an assortment of free toys, mascots, bouncing castles, face paints and a whole lot of exciting games.

In a show of appreciation the children of Radiant Achievers Schools performed a short musical presentation after which the proprietor of the school, Mr Dennis expressed sincere gratitude to the management of Spar for playing host to the school as well as their continuous and consistent support over the years. In response Brand spokesperson for Spar John Goldsmith reaffirmed the company’s continued support, mentioning that though the store was open for business the focus for the day was solely on the children, with entertainment points placed strategically around the store to allow the kids play alongside their mates irrespective of background or school while their parents went about their shopping.

Scenes of a similar sort were played out at Ilupeju where Spar also played host to a number of schools, both public and private who showed up for the occasion with lots of games to play, prizes to win and enough to eat and drink.

Artee Group, the holding company for the Spar brand in Nigeria in taking seriously its corporate social responsibility role is presently fine-tuning collaboration with its affiliates and partners to enhance the learning opportunities and processes of children within its host communities. The initiative which commences in July this year will involve the distribution of learning aids to schools nationwide. With over 9 stores in Nigeria and counting SPAR seeks greater involvement in improving lives and institutions within its host communities.

Laughter, giggles and the sounds of a genuine heartfelt cheer marked the atmosphere on May 27th 2016 at various branches of hypermarket and global brand Spar Ltd as it hosted children from various schools in the metropolis to the annual Children’s Day celebration.

At the Lekki branch of the supermarket chain, children from Radiant Achievers School as well as other schools in the environs were treated to a day of unbounded fun that included entertaining and educating mascots, time spent frolicking on the bouncing castle, sessions of face painting as well as free toys for all and other fun activities.

During the course of the celebration, the brand’s spoke person John Goldsmith stated that while the stores were fully opened for business, the focus of the day were the children. As a result of this, entertainment points were strategically located around both premises so that any child in the store that day could have access to play along-side their counterparts irrespective of background or school.

One of the highlights of the day was the musical presentation made in the store at Lekki by the students of the Radiant Achievers School. 
At the end of the day, it was evident that Spar’s Holding Company in Nigeria, Artee Group’s initiative to seek greater involvement in improving the lives and institutions within its host community has come to stay. 

The Group is currently involved in the distribution of learning aids to schools nationwide and is actively collaborating with several others to take the learning processes of children to a new high. 

Kudos to SPAR!


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