Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Letter to MTN

yes oh, i don show again with wetin dey happen for una dormot with our network subscribers and the way dem dey behave, the latest one na when MTN talk say make people go register their lines again, and them don do am before, so people dey vex matter, some don go do am, some don faint, some don change to another network, MTN don even block some lines, me wey dey talk to una so i
get MTN line dem fit even block me join, I no dey register nothing, the one wey i do before don reach wetin? anyways na so the matter be see letter wey person write , the person just dey yarn e belle, no be joke oh

Dear MTN,

I will not go and re-register my line. You can fool everyone if you like, you might have fooled me before, but you would never fool me again. The only reason while you continue to pull the wool over our gullible eyes is
because the consumer rights’ protection agencies are either in the
vegetative state, or completely dead.
How can you explain a situation where you would tell your millions of teeming subscribers to register their SIM cards and provide the necessary bio-data, only for you to wake up one
morning to tell us to go and register our lines again WITH ABSOLUTELY NO EXPLANATION? It beats my imagination and it defies not just logic, but also philosophy. Were you drunk when you were registering our numbers? Did a malicious virus wipe your entire database? Maybe I’m giving you guys too much credit sef. You probably wrote the records in books like an ancient bookkeeper and a giant yellow rat ate them all.
Whatever your reasons (or lack of reasons) may be, this is beyond ridiculous.
I have always maintained an MTN line because apart from being my very first line, most of my close associates/friends also use MTN. To some extent, the coverage is also extensive. I didn’t hesitate when the directive came from NCC to register
our lines. I braved the queue, registered my line and collected my security number. Didn’t I try enough? Looking back, I can deduce that my
attachment to MTN was more sentimental than practical, as your tariffs are the highest for calls and for browsing. You send an average of 100 spam texts per day, enough to run down a Blackberry battery and more than enough to give any Osun
State government worker waiting for
Aregbesola’s alert acute hypertension. Your nuisance value knows no bounds. Even Airtel that has been passed round different
investors more times than a devil’s mail bag has not come up with
this kind of Grade A foolishness.
What the heck is wrong with you? Don’t your customers mean anything to you?...

Make una follow yarn una mind wetin una reason.

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