Tuesday, 31 March 2015

7 Things You Didn't Know About Kevin Hart

His first job was a shoe salesman, and he was good at it
"My thing was, I'd ask them what they were looking for in a shoe," he told us of his sales technique. "And then I'd go in the completely opposite direction. Someone comes in looking for running shoes, I’d try to sell them Timberlands. I loved that challenge. How can I sell them these shoes that they obviously don't want?"
He was once assaulted on stage by a projectile buffalo wing
It happened during one of his first performances as a comedian, at an Atlantic City comedy club called Sweet Cheeks. The buffalo wing "hit me hard on the face," Hart told us. "There’s no way to respond to being hit with a buffalo wing. And there's no going back to comedy after that. I wiped the buffalo sauce off of my face and told everybody good night."
He will take off his clothes in public, but won't use boxing gloves if they contain a stranger's sweat
We have no idea what that's all about. The nudity thing happened near the front door of a boxing gym in Tarzana, California, as he was getting changed into his workout clothes. And the gloves incident, well... you'll just have to pick up an issue and read about that for yourself.
His spent his first six-figure paycheck on a watch
He dropped a staggering $150,000 on a wristwatch "because I thought it'd change the way people looked at me," he said. "I thought it'd be a game changer. But nobody noticed it. Nobody even glanced at it. So I took it back."
(We could've helped Hart spend his money a little more wisely. Here's our guide to the Best Automatic Watches Under $2,000.)
The best advice his dad ever gave him? "Don’t be a bitch"
"And it has nothing to do with being a woman," Hart told us. "He meant bitch as in being the type of person who quits, or gives up, or cries when something doesn’t go your way."
His has an almost vampirish ability to survive for long stretches of time without sleep
"I've seen him go from partying all night with (rapper) Drake, to driving right to the plane and playing video games during the entire flight, and then going straight to the next stand-up show," Kevin Kwan, Hart's personal videographer, told us. "And that motherfucker never complains that he's tired. He willnever complain."
He once paid a friend $25,000 to lose weight
Hart was concerned that a close friend, Wayne, was dangerously overweight. "He was 300-something pounds and it was affecting his sleep," Hart told us. "So I bet him $25,000 he couldn't lose 60 pounds. If he didn't, he had to pay me a grand. I was happy to lose that money."

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