Monday, 13 April 2015

Boko haram don fall our hand- Buhari says

yes oh na the matter we dey on,our President elect Gen Buhari talk say, these boko haram people wey dey worry us since, don fall our hand scatter for this side, say dem don carry us play,  but e get one time like that wey Buhari talk say him go clear dem boko boys for two months, but him dey deny say him no talk that kind thing sha, na on sunday april 12th him yarn the matter with some journalist dem
 see wetin him talk for bottom.

“For six years, the Nigerian military couldn’t restore order in 14 local governments out of 774 after Barma, Liberia, Sierra Leone, where the Nigerian military earned respect internationally for their performances, to fail to secure 14 out of 774, I see that as an irreconcilable disgrace,” Buhari said.
“I think I am too experienced in internal security operations to make such a comment. I don’t think I will make that mistake because of my experiences. Even when I was in uniform with the rebels in Chad and as the GOC in Jos and the period when I was Head of State, I did not say such thing so, for me to say that I will get rid of Boko Haram in two months is not correct; I don’t think I made that comment,” he added.
“We will try and work with our neighbours such as Chad and Niger who are fighting Boko Haram for us. And we are advising Boko Haram to pack and go,”  na so him take talk am

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