Monday, 18 May 2015

Couple die mysteriously same day, same time, different locations

It was a bizarre coincidence when a married couple, Philip Mubatapasango and his wife Previous Sigodho, reportedly died mysteriously on the same day under similar circumstances but at different locations, reports MyZimbabwe.
The ill-fated couple from Chabvuta village in in Guruve, a suburb of Zimbabwe, were said to be foaming in the mouth and bleeding from the mouth, nose and ears at the same time and both died less than an hour later, leaving their relations in a state of shock.
A district senior police officer, Chief Inspector Phillip Checho confirmed the deaths and said the authority is still trying to put together statements from people who saw the couple before they died.
According to the police, a family friend of the couple, Sosanna Mugwada, had pleaded with the couple for a ride in Philip's scotchcart. Her 15-year-old grandson had fallen sick and needed to be taken to Guruve Hospital.
Before they could leave, Philip's brother, Gift Madyirapanze and his son arrived at the house and the five had a meal of rice and tea which had been prepared by Previous.
"After the meal, Previous decided she would not join her husband for the trip to Guruve since the scotch cart would not accommodate the four of us and the business stock.
He (Philip) dropped us at a local mission hospital which is a few kilometres from Guruve Centre while he went on to do his errands and came back to fetch us after four hours. When we got to Guruve Centre, he inquired what my grandson had eaten.
I told him he had had nothing since he was vomiting. Philip, however, went into a grocery store to buy a loaf of bread and offered the boy.
He tried to jump into the scotch cart but his legs were shaky and weak. I asked him if he was feeling well but he failed to respond as he tried to get into the cart. He finally got in and sat on the edge, facing the opposite direction so that I could not see his face.
After an hour's distance, around 3.30 pm, I noticed a school girl from our village standing in the way of the cart. I could tell by the look on her face that something was terribly wrong; she then asked me why Philip was not blinking. I then turned him around and his eyeballs seemed like they were going to pop out and his mouth was wide open.

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