Friday, 31 July 2015

7 shocking conspiracy theories you won't believe

7 conspiracy theories you would not believe, we all know the media has a way of stretching the truth, but there are some stories that don't really make sense and are far fetch, some smart people do figure it out regardless how long it takes, but i stumbled upon things i had always questioned though i saw it as a conspiracy on my own and on my part till i discovered a couple on the net, anyways use your common sense, after all not everything we read or see are necessarily true.

1. Global Warming is a Hoax
well come to think of it, they came up with it in the first place, we believe it since its in all our faces

2.The AIDS Virus Was Created In The Laboratory
like they say it was first seen with the primates, some people believe the AIDS virus was a CIA invention, that was created in the lab. to wipe out homosexuals and African Americans.

3.Shakespeare Didn't Exist
well we all came across this name mostly if your'e into literature, but most scholars are not sure if he did existed because very little is known about the writer's history, some believe that Christopher Marlowe was the one behind the works

4.Princess Diana was murdered
I don't need to say more about this, there's something just off about this story

5.The 2004 Tsunami was caused by a nuclear testing
Muslims communities believe that this was a result of a nuclear testing between American experts and Israeli designed to wipe out their population.

6.The Da vinci code is true
Dan brown the author of Da vinci code, did more than just inspire an entire generation to read again, it sparked rumors of the relationship between Mary Magdalen and Jesus, some people out there still believe that they got married at some point and their descendants are living in the world today,

7. 9/11 was planned by the US Government.
Actually this particular one, i have always raised an eye brow on.

well i got 20 of these Conspiracies, will give y'all some more later on


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