Monday, 20 April 2015

Nigerian Ambassador to South Africa : see wetin the man yarn

Na so the matter be, The Nigerian ambassador to South Africa talk say e never reach to evacuate  Nigerians from SA,

"I will not want to subscribe to immediate evacuation. We want to look at this thing in three phases - The lower, middle and Higher threat. We can only appeal to our people to abide by the host country's laws, avoid indiscriminate clashes and violence and work with local authorities" na wetin him yarn be this

He even talk say, all those picture wey we dey see since na lie say no be all na south african own, me wetin i reason say, na beceause him dey here dey flex na im make him dey yarn like this, until the real picture come out before dem go bring our people come back house? dem don die finish be that na, no play oh, no be joke oh na real matters>>>

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