Friday, 28 August 2015

Nigerian Churches and fraud

In the past decade churches in Nigeria has grown exponentially, there's even a subliminal battle to protect turfs and membership level.
but na another matter carry me come here today, i dey watch Arise news and i stumbled upon their views on the fraud in Nigerian churches, they were specific about a particular church in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria

Actor and Comedian, disclosed how they are been paid to act as disabled individuals, dem go pretend like say dem no fit waka then the man of God go heal them, there by displaying miracles to gain more members to his church

Most men of God make alot of money through churches, extorting members, telling them to give more money to the church to get more in return, and if the member dem talk say dem never receive the money, the pastors dem go talk say them no no dey pray well, the thing be say, as the church for naija dey plenty, the bad bad tin wey dey happen still dey happen, many people don turn am to business .

Churches in Nigeria, go as far as organizing events, with artistes and comedian, all in the name of gathering members, i just dey house dey watch am so i say make i post am give una make una reason the matter, cuz na all of us dey the naija dey observe the matter .

na so the matter be, na so i take observe, yarn your mind how una see am..

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