Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Truth About man-hood Size "Size do matter"

But before you start freaking out that you don’t measure up, keep this in mind: 60 percent of the women in the survey did report that size made no difference. What’s more, when Men’s Health surveyed 3,289 women on how happy they are with their s*x lives, only 7 percent of sexually satisfied women said that man-hood size was critical to their pleasure.

So sure, size may matter to some women, for some types of orgasms. But the good news is you can outsmart your size even if you come up short. Your secret weapons? Passion, foreplay, and variety. Here’s how to make them work for you.
1. Give Her a Rubdown
It isn’t your man-hood that keeps women coming back for more, it’s your passion, says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., sexologist and Astroglide’s Health and Wellness Ambassador. But that doesn’t always mean ripping her clothes off as soon as you close the bedroom 

Try this: Before you begin rounding the basis, start small. Run your fingers through her hair, caress her jaw line, and return to massaging her scalp. Continue to work your fingers down her neck and on to her shoulders, stopping the massage every so often to briefly kiss her on the back of her head or on her ear.
2. Ice, Ice Baby!
If foreplay to you means a couple minutes of hands-on-breasts action, it’s time for a serious upgrade. You need to show her you’re not in a hurry.

Try this: Remove her bra so you can kiss, nibble, and lick all over her breasts. Take her nipple in your mouth and roll your tongue around its perimeter. Then pop an ice cube in your mouth and repeat the process. Once her nipple’s erect from temperature spike, remove the cube and continue until your mouth and tongue is warm again.

3. Enhance Your Erection
Once she’s ready to go, choose a flattering position. “Avoid missionary,” says Jen Landa, M.D., author of The s*x Drive Solution for Women. “You’re not able to penetrate as deep and the angle doesn’t really accentuate your size.” Instead, try these two positions, the Flatiron and the cowgirl.

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