Saturday, 3 October 2015

2 kids who served as ring bearer and flower girl at a wedding married after 17years

Adrian and Brooke Franklin walked down the aisle as ring bearer and flower girl in a wedding back in 1998, when they were just kids. On Sept. 19, they walked down the aisle together again... as bride and groom this time.

While their story may have ended with wedding bells, the couple says their beginning wasn't quite as romantic.
"I had a crush on him from the start," Brooke Franklin told ABC News. "But he absolutely could not stand me. He said 'I got on his nerves.' I'd tried to play with him at school and at church and he just didn't want much to do with me at all" 
In high school, however, everything changed and Adrian and Brooke started dating.

"We would draw with our finger on each other's backs and guess what the other person was writing," Adrian shared. "I wrote 'Will you be my girlfriend' and she guessed it, but didn't answer me. I said 'Well Brooke, are you going to say anything?' and she said 'Well, you didn't write a question mark.'"

"Before our wedding day I had a sign made that said 'Will you marry me' but I cut the question mark out. I asked her to marry me and I said, 'Here's your question mark"

The newlywed intend to share photos of their first wedding together with their future children. Source: Mashable

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