Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cynthia Morgan Singer's promotion of new single is distasteful and negative


When Skiibi made the decision to literally die for the promotion of ‘Sampu’ single, he did something that can never be undone. The Five Star Music singer raised the stakes in desperate publicity stunts, and only time will tell if he ushered in a new age of distasteful promotion in Nigeria.
Cynthia Morgan didn’t die, but she sure paid attention to the principles of Skiibi on the road to the release of her new single ‘Baby mama’. She took notes, tweaked the specifics of it, and let fly.

Yesterday, photos of the singer made the rounds on the internet, and drew a lot of deserved…and expected backlash. Cynthia Morgan, dressed in her signature edgy manner, and a bleeding hair colour, would have been an image engrained in our memory, but she chose to etch it further into our minds by throwing in her baby cousin, and puffing on a cigar.
That doesn’t get more grotesque. It is worse than an image of Satan raping Santa Claus.
Babies are the symbol of purity, and the only hope of mankind. They are pure, without blemish, and impressionable. They shouldn’t be in the same picture as a cigar. A cancer-inducing, piece of unhealthy filth. That photo by extension, is a symbolic rape of purity, and innocence.
All of these, to announce a new single. The single was released today, and the artwork took it a step further. The little baby had become bolder, and clutched a Hookah pipe, which rested majestically in its pushchair.

Was this creative? Yes. It takes an improved level of thought to put this together. Cynthia Morgan showed confidence and courage in putting her edgy distasteful art direction out. But it was wrong.
It is wrong to bring a child any close to a cigar and hookah. It is immensely repulsive and wrong to do that to a child who was unable to give consent.
And all for what? To gather attention for her single.
Cynthia Morgan, her cigar, and her baby cousin.

Cynthia Morgan has ushered in a new low in music promotion. The backlash was anticipated for the press, which has boosted awareness for her single. But slowly with each passing move it becomes clearer that we as a nation are headed to the lowest point in our collective creative process, where decorum, order, sanity, and values will go out the window, or sacrificed completely for the pursuit of personal gain, and getting ahead.
Cynthia Morgan is just reflective of this slow journey towards creative monstrosity. May our children never be exposed to cigars, cigarettes, and shisha.


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