Monday, 15 February 2016

Must Read: 5 signs you are not having enough sex

Sex is one of the most intimate way a couple can connect and show affection to each other. Both persons in a relationship should feel, on the whole, that they are satisfied on this level. It could cause big problems if one person feels like he or she is not having enough.

Naijaqueen presents signs that let you know if you are being satisfied sexually.
1. Eyes on others: When you start to notice you are looking outside your partner for sexual satisfaction, then this might mean you are not getting enough in your relationship. Thinking about making love to someone else, or obsessing about thoughts of someone else touching you and pleasing you is big sign.

2. Fights: If your having sex less frequently is causing you to fight more in your relationship, then this might just be due to the pent up sexual frustration.

3. Emotional distance: Like mentioned above, sex is a way to bond emotionally. If you notice that you are feeling emotionally disconnected from your partner, it could be because sex is lacking and you are detached from them as a result.

4. Feeling unloved: If not having sex is starting to make you feel unloved or making you insecure in your relationship, then it needs to be addressed.

5. Resentment: If you notice you are having resentful feelings towards your partner and you are not sure why, take a look at your sex life and how satisfied you feel.


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