Saturday, 2 April 2016

BEAST OF NO NATION By Igberaese Israel R.

An Ariel view of the state of Nigeria is likely to give stakeholders a shiver. An analysis of the map; in the northeast the development and growth of the economy has slowly ground to a halt since 2007 (actively), though the sect's origin dates as far back as 2002, as Boko haram has unleashed terror on the states and and neighbors of the region, having the expanse of their terror spread to the FCT, indeed it seems the whole northern region is  bedeviled with this plague; in the middle belt region, in Benue state the Fulani herds men. Have visited similar terrorist attacks on farmers in the region; going to the South-south, militancy has become a topic that is hardly ever off the headlines, due to their notoriety since the days of former President Obasanjo; in pockets around the country kidnapping has become a lucrative business. Coupled with these, is a fundament deficiency in the socio-political fibre of the country, the moral decadence is of monumental measure, also the state of the economy is in shambles.

Stepping back to see what is, that we call the Federal Republic of Nigeria. One question that is burning for answers is where did it all go wrong? At what point did we start this nose diving spiral?
Surely, when a people cease taking responsibility for their actions and inactions, it consequently means they have failed to take into  cognizance the law of 'action and reaction'. If this law is proven to hold true, then is it safe to say that we as a people are the architect of the woes we now collectively suffer? And can we also say that this very beast that is ravaging our fatherland is being fed daily by what we do and not do?

Surely, We have created a Beast of no Nation. We, our collective and individual choices in the last 56years of existence as an independent country ( I say 56years, because I do not subscribe to trading blame with the colonialist, we have been in control of our affairs for long enough). And the failure of a sober realization on the part of every stakeholder - not withstanding the cause you champion - of the magnitude of damage we have caused our very own land is even more scary to me.

Maybe someone is questioning, how have we created a beast and What role did an ordinary man like me play in creating this beast? I don't know, could it be the sudden surge in identity scrambling; religious as well as ethnic, that has given rise slowly to a culture of separatism and rent seeking, or could it have being the failure of the 'ordinary' electorate to realize that he only made himself ordinary when the power he had was traded with shoddy politicians  for immediate gratuity ? Or, could it be the complacence  of those before us who where satisfied  with the 'milk and honey' flowing and not concerned about how to convert it into capital gains for the coming generation?

Well, if you ask me, I will say that what has gone wrong is much more than what meets the ordinary eyes - not to say the solution is beyond the grasp of the 'ordinary' citizen. But, my question for you, is, what are you wiling to do to save the situation before more beasts are created and you the ordinary citizens is  caught in the line of fire?

Igberaese Israel R.

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