Saturday, 25 June 2016

Music: Adewale Laoye - The Drummer of Peace

I Listened to Adewale Laoye AKA - The Prince of Peace's New Work with Pure Joy. The music brought back memories of the Africa I missed.
Prior to Radio, Television, Computer, Smart Phones, Ere Ale - Tales by Moonlight was a way to pass time in Traditional Africa.
Talking Drum -Ilu Dundun- in Yoruba Culture Not only Entertains, it’s also a musical instrument that is used to Caution and Warn against Unpleasant Situation in the Society. In "Ki lo Wo" Adewale Asks:
What do you wear?
What, are you wearing?
In Chorus the Responses that Follow Shows how far off we've been to what we are trying to be!

With the Fad of being Somebody Else, to be Hip or Fit in as we see in Nigeria, Africa and Globally Today, "Ki lo Wo" calls for us to Wake up!
Look at the Mirror, do you like what you see?
Let's embrace who we are.
The Pride in ourselves, our Culture and Our Tradition, serves as A Perfect Response to "Ki Lo Wo"

A Yoruba Proverb Speaks to this:
"Onigba Ni Npe Igba ti're ni Aaka'a ti A nbaa pe e"
We can only be viewed as we view Ourselves.

Charity, begins at Home.
Dayo Laoye, (Artist, Chicago USA)

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