Saturday, 10 December 2016

Why You Should Join MMM Nigeria

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MMM Nigeria seems to be the trending source of income right now in Nigeria, it is easy to register and many people are already a part of it , through some personal interview they say it actually pays 30% of any amount of money used in registering. it guarantees thirty percent growth and most people arecgaining financial freedom through it. but most people are still scared to join in, due the past record and recent happenings.. but " FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BOLD"

MMM Global which has been labelled a ponzi scheme is flourishing in Nigeria. This despite China and South Africa banning it and warning their citizens against it. In January the bank accounts of an investor in MMM Global in South Africa were frozen for violating the Consumers’ Protection Act.

Olumide who claims to be a 100+ guider and consultant for MMM Nigeria said that the negative publications about MMM is a conspiracy of some individuals who do not want others to prosper. He said that it is normal for any viable and reliable venture to encounter resistance. An ex-banker with United Bank for Africa, Onyeka Ukasoanya, said that he thinks it all boils down to greed and illiteracy. .A lecturer at Baze University Abuja, Zainab Oiza Adeiza, expressed her personal skepticism towards such schemes, but acknowledged the fact that Nigerians have a tendency for going crazy over them. Adeiza says that with the economic situation rapidly going from bad to worse, any option that has the potential to provide an extra source of income is a very welcome idea to most Nigerians. She warned that with such products the actual money is earned by the early subscribers. The latter participants at some point begin to live on hope until the entire system either fizzles away or crashes.........

After all said and done many people are registering and you can tell from their testimony that MMM has really helped a lot of people in Nigeria all the comments observed from the article above are mainly positive. Come to think of it over two hundred thousand persons can't come together to make up a scam like this, how possible can that be.

Read More About MMM and find out how the 30% is generated and the whole concept behind MMM you may get the chance to earn some cash before it actually stops.

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