Tuesday, 13 December 2016

MMM Nigeria to Kick Off January 2017

I know we have read or heard on the news section that was captioned One-Month Freezing of confirmed mavrosπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

As you can see, I have smiley faces at the message and as I'm not fretting I don't want any of you to. Yes, you may have heard about system upgrades and little tweeks here and there to improve the system, fix fake Pops and correct issues with failed confirmations... Support need time and our cooperation to have this done once and for all! 

Yes, some of us definitely will have good use for the monies the want to GH, I can't say I understand what your going through, but be rest assured, your #Mavros are still safe! 

What is going to happen
In 3 weeks time, all upgrades will be complete and everyone who is due for GH can continue to GH again

The sensible thing to do at this juncture will not be to fold your arms and wait till the 01st of January, 2017, but to continue to invite more people into the community as the promise of #20%_bonus Mavro growth will apply to them and luckily they won't be paired until the 01st of January πŸ˜€ 

That's 3weeks already gone into a pledge...! Always look on the bright side of things and what makes people extraordinary is when they see good opportunities from every situation and make the best out of it! 

As for me and my household, as long as God gives us life, we would stand strong and continue to believe that thru the course of the months since we joined MMM, we have and will continue to remain steadfast to the ideologies of MMM! We will continue to let people know that we can still be financially free as long as we stick with MMM! 

It's only 3weeks away...imagine if the prisoners in Kirikiri were told that their life sentence was reduced to 3weeks πŸ˜€

Rejoice that you have life in you and as long as we have tasted and seen the light in the MMM tunnel, we shall continue to see the light till the end of the Tunnel!                        
 NOW Let's remember our safety nets whc we av always sensitized ourselves abt... 

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MMM has over 10 safety nets which will never make it crash. And you Never notice  But I will mention 10 out of them. 

1, Pause mode

2, 14 days defrost

3, Extension of the getting help hours

4, Seeking help from neighboring country

5, No central account attached

7,  Peer to peer  system

8,  Guider's efforts

9   PH match hours extension

10, Website upgrades and security 

1, Pause mode

This process is applied when the numbers of the people getting help is greater than the people help. The system will pause the GH transactions and allow more PH to come into the system for the duration of 2 and half months, then the system will now restart. 

PH means provide help and the GH means get help 

2, 14 days defrost

The participants will not be able to withdraw their money until after 14 days when the payments have been confirmed. During this process, more PH would have come into the system therefore there would be pool of cash to pay the old participants. 

3, Extension of GH hours

this occur when there is a public holidays when the banks are not working therefore,  there won't be transaction and it may cause the problem to the system. The system will now extend the hours of the people who are getting help at that period to allow more People providing help into the system. 

4, Help seeking from neighboring country

When there are more GH than PH in a country, MMM will look into the other countries which are doing well and match them together, pending the time that the affected country will be OK.

6, No central account attached

MMM  does not have a certain account that we are sending to. MMM doesn't collect your money. 

7, Peer to peer system 

Participants pay directly to the bank account of the other participants seeking help

8, Guider's efforts

Guiders are the heartbeat of MMM, guiders make sure each and everyone in MMM understand the Ideology of MMM and how it works 

9, PH  match hours extension

When the system finds out that there are more GH than PH,  the system will extend the hour of old PH so that to hold down their order matches duration and during this period, the system will allow more new PH to come into the system to get it balanced. 

10, Website upgrades and security

MMM spends million of dollars in taking care of their website to cub online fraud in MMM, such as scam and other Threats.

Those who have PH in the system shouldn't cancel them because since all green mavro are frozen no PH will be paired. 
For those who understand the system, what has happened is a temporary measure to save the system and saving the system is saving our money. If we are allowed to GH, by next week there may be no enough PH to pair the GH then the worst will happen. 
This is a kind of caution taken to avert danger. So our mavros are safe. 
I encourage those who want to PH to still do their PH. The maturity is January and doesn't change anything. Don't loose hope, all of us have mavros in the system and let's not use because of this little set back forget what MMM has done for us and will do more if the system is safeguarded. I personally feel the same way as you but it's better to save the system than loose everything. 
Some people are complaining why the Guiders were not informed and my response is, if the Guiders were informed the system will crash in less than 10mins of the information. The way you received the news is the way we Guiders received the news but we have the training that such thing may happen if there is evidence of danger ahead. This shows how firm and protective MMM is structured. 

Let's be optimistic and positive. This is our community, let's protect it.


MMM keeps putting measures in place to ensure the sustainability of the system but as with every system run be people the sustainability of MMM Nigeria will depend on the attitude of its participants. If we begin to act in greed, try to cheat the system  and make the community vulnerable to fraudsters then we will eventually be at a loss.
There has been no case of activation of pause mode or restart since the start of the current phase of MMM in all the countries MMM had  been in before it got to Nigeria and our case should not be different.
I learnt people are opening multiple accounts and devising means of cheating the community and playing smart. We will only be the once who will lose and prove the doubters right. 
I need not remind us that it's against the rules of MMM and when detected all your accounts will be blocked.
It's our collective responsibilities as participants and guiders to protect the community, control our down lines and ensure everyone plays by the rules.
If MMM stands the test of time , it will be our doing and if it fails tomorrow it will also be our doing. If you want referral bonus please go out and register new participants and refrain from multiple accounts and fraudulent adventures; Nigeria is big enough for all of us.


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