Saturday, 11 April 2015

Why The Jesus Christ Bloodline Theory Is Getting Old

The theory that Jesus Christ, proclaimed savior of the world, has a bloodline is easily one of the most tired theories around. It is perhaps even more passé than the idea that there was a “big bang” that no one was alive to hear and suddenly the universe appeared. So, just how long has this unproven idea been around? 
Most people only recall the theory going as far back as 1982, when Lincoln, Baigent, and Leigh published The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail. But, the theory is based off the Priory of Sion myth, which has existed as long as the Roman Catholic Church: almost 2,000 years. The continuous circulation of the theory added to the suspicions that Jesus Christ had a wife and child, and is taking up space in the archive of great theories for many reasons. First, the theory itself is based upon scripture in the Holy Bible that seem to have been misinterpreted. As believed by British writer Laurence Gardner, Acts 6:7 and Mark 4:8 are indicators of Jesus’ marriage and................Read more 

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