Saturday, 16 May 2015

Signs your ex wants you back

yes oh, na so the mater be, make i no talk plenty, but na matters of the heart na im i wan reason with una, cuz that kind matter dey serious wella, when you love person and una dey run tins, tins fit happen wey una go break up, but these ones na signs wey u go wan observe if your bae want make una still run tins..
Here are tips that will help you know if your ex wants you back.
1. When your ex always calls you to know how you are doing.
2. He or she gets jealous when they see you with a someone else.
3. .He or she secretly stares at you.
4. You ex always sends you pictures of both of you together.
5. He or she apologises to you, for the wrong done.
6. If he or she says “I miss you” always whenever you meet.
7. He or She always reminds you of the good old days.

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