Wednesday, 1 April 2015

10 Kind of girls you should not marry

okay guys, i know you may be with a girl and it may be all roses and butterfly but this is another pont of view and perspective you can consider.

1. A girl whose friends are “free chops”- girls of easy virtue/ No matter how different she claims to be.
2.  A girl that always want to separate you from your friends and curtail your social activities in the name love.
3. A girl whose mum does not respect her dad.
4. A girl who has no ambition.
5. A girl who gossips talks about others negatively.
6. A girl that cannot manage finances.
7. A girl that makes un-necessary financial demands.
8. A girl that is a control freak.
9. A girl that does not take corrections and questions your authority always.
10.. A girl who has refused to let go of the baggage and pain from her past relationship. She will hurt you

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