Monday, 18 July 2016

Tips on How to Actually Spice up your relationship For real

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 Relationship is never a one way traffic. It ultimately involves a woman/lady and a man/guy. but it involves a lot of work to make things fun, but if you follow up a few tips diligently then it will surely work for you.

Most women need to stop and go back to their drawing boards and check out those fantasies you've kept hidden for some time. What toys, positions or erotic activities have you seen or heard about recently that you would like to try? Explore these ideas and bring them up to you partner.

Don’t be scared about visiting a sex toy store. You can take a late night adult field trip with your man and explore an adult store filled with videos, toys and other accessories.  While in the store, you and your lover can talk about the things you see and what interests you both and learn how to use these things to your advantage.
feel free have an open mind it helps speed the process, fear is a factor that can slow things, men like women who are direct with what they actually want in bed, if you want it slow or fast speak up, hard or gentle , men like bold women in bed.

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