Monday, 18 July 2016

7 unintentional sexy things women do to turn men on

There are quite a few things women do that are unintentionally sexy, though. These make the guys go crazy for us. That's how sexy we are – we're sexy without even trying, without even knowing that we're sexy.

Women are sexyplay
Ashley Graham is proud of her plus-size

1.) Loving your body: Because men love what they see, it's fascinating to them to see a woman who just loves the way she is and is super confident about her body. As a woman, love your curves,  your sharp angles and your soft edges. Also, love your scars, your stretch marks, your best features, and your problem areas. These only make you a confident beautiful woman.
2.) Having a sense of humor: There is nothing sexier than bringing laughter into someone's sad day, week or even life. You might have a ribald sense of humor, a sharp and witty one, or a low-key, dry sense of humor – whatever it is, it's hot… To men, of course!
3.) Showing off your intelligence: Spotlighting your brilliance is super sexy. No need to show-off or behave like you know it all. Being smart and knowing you're right will make someone always think you're being pretentious  but who cares!? Never hold back your intelligence. Never be ashamed of how smart you are.
4.)  Placing your head below his chin: This is an obviously unintentional act but the way the woman fits in the man's body sends a sweet sensation through his body.  The way you fit with your lover is just special and definitely so sexy.
Women are sexyplay
Aishwarya Rai has eyes for days
 ( aishwarya rai )
5.) The eyes have it all: Nothing like the eyes… big, wet, loving and pretty. One look and he comes running.
6.) Flicking your hair: Some of us (women) do this with no motive behind our actions. Even with short hair some of us still do it and it always stands out because there's just something sexy about it. It may sound shallow but men believe its sexy.
7.) A simple touch to the chest: Just like a smile, sometimes the natural things are just the sexiest. Only guys can really explain how they feel when her hands run through their chests…especially if they're shirtless.

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