Monday, 6 April 2015

Do You Need Jesus for Easter?

Bogdan Cristel/Reuters
Easter period na period wey people go spread love, hope and many better better things, but some people come dey wonder if person must be church going person before person go fit flex that kind package.

Today, Christians all around the world are celebrating Easter. Future diabetic children everywhere are filing into church pews wearing their best clothes and sporting big chocolate smiles. And throughout the day, plastic eggs with prizes inside will be meticulously searched for, and jelly beans and marshmallow Peeps will be as numerous on kitchen counters as those legendary loaves and fishes on the shores of Bethsaida.
I always loved Easter when I was a little kid, mainly because of the cornucopia of candy I received upon waking. But on another level I also looked forward to the promise of renewal represented by all the flowers, bunnies, and eggs—all symbols of new growth after a long............Read More

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