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Low Libido, Your Partner is the reason for your low Sex Drive Most times

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Sure, some lifestyle habits and other psychological issues can cause you to lose your sex drive, but there actually also times that your partner is to blame.

The way your partner makes you feel about sex can affects how much or how often you want it. If you cannot connect sex with your partner to something that makes you feel good, then you will have a problem wanting to have sex with them.
Here are five times your lack of sex drive is your partner's fault.
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They make it seem like an obligation
Most times, we have a negative reactions to things we consider an obligation as opposed to things we do voluntarily. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable and something you enjoy with your partner. Once they start making it seem like your obligation to them, you will feel very uncomfortable about it. Even when you want it, you will not enjoy it because you are automatically assuming you are doing a job you hate. Over time, you will simply end up wanting sex less and less until your drive fizzles out.

They blame you if they are not pleasured
Ultimately, each person is responsible for his/her own pleasure. It is up to you to figure out what you like and encourage your partner, in a loving way, to help you achieve this. But having them blame you for their inability to enjoy sex or achieve orgasm will ruin sex for you. It will no longer be a relaxing experience but one filled with so much tension and obsession to please them. Soon, you will find that you do not even enjoy the act of having sex anymore.

They coerce you for sex
Just because you are not being raped does not mean you are not being sexually coerced, which can be just as bad. Sexual coercion means having someone continue to push you for sex even after you expressly state that you do not want it. They can keep touching you and feeling you up until you give in, not because you want to, but because you were basically forced. Once this keeps happening, you will quickly lose interest in sex.
They compare you
Being with someone in bed and having them compare you to exes or other people, can kill your sex drive. This is a position no one wants to be in. When your partner picks apart every single thing you do, and grades you in relation to other people they have been with, sex no longer becomes fun.

They receive more than they give
Sex should be all about giving and receiving. Actually, both partners should be more focused on giving, this way, they end up both receiving in equal measures. When your partner is only focused in his/her own pleasure, you will find that you no longer look forward to sex and you begin to lose interest.

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